What Oprah and Lady Gaga Have in Common

Every day is an opportunity for inspiration.

And that’s my greatest wish.

To inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself. 🙂

And since we just released some meditations exclusively for women, I thought we’d take a look at some of the successful ladies out there who have used meditation to improve their lives.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah told Dr. Oz that encouraging everyone at her office to meditate has benefited her company immensely.

“People who used to have migraines, don’t. People are sleeping better. People have better relationships. People interact with other people better. It’s been fantastic.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer had this to say about her meditation practice:

“It centers you, and your stress levels are down. And you find yourself interacting in the world much easier and better, in a calmer way. And there’s just a peaceful joy that comes over you… It’s really changed everything.”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga recently organized a live Instagram meditation to promote calm and peace after a national tragedy.

She explained why meditation is important in her life and taught those who joined her how to start their own practice.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda credits her meditation practice with helping her overcome depression. It’s helped her understand that, “every thought you have affects your reality and only you have control of your mind.”

Now she starts every day with a meditation, even with her infant son. “When he sees me meditating, he’ll come sit by me, just feeling the energy.”

Jane Fonda

When asked her secret to aging gracefully, Jane responded simply, “I meditate.”

New Meditations

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It may not be International Women’s Day for another six months, but today is today.

And today is always a good day to celebrate life and be inspired.

And if you find yourself saying you’d like to meditate, but you’re just too busy, have a watch of this short video I made.