What Are You Packing?

There’s an old story about a monk who sat on a rock by a fork in the road.

One way continued on, and the other went into a town.

A traveler stopped and asked, “What is the town like?”

The monk replied, “What was the town like where you came from?”

The traveler said, “It was dull and boring and full of drama. There were many bad people there.”

The monk responded, “Then you would not like this town either.”

A short time later, another traveler came along and asked the same question, “How’s the town?”

Once again, the monk asked what the town was like where the traveler came from.

The new traveler said, “It was very nice. So many things to do and full of beauty. People were very friendly and I really like it there. But I want to see more of the world.”

This time the monk replied, “Then you will love this town also.”

No matter where you go… there you are

There’s just no getting away from ourselves.

We bring our baggage with us wherever we go, and I’m not talking about that suitcase full of clothes. 🙂

I mean any negativity and resentment from your past that shapes how you perceive and experience the present moment.

Letting go of the past isn’t always easy, so let’s look at a few ways to help with this process so you can live with more positivity.


Try thinking of forgiveness as both a verb and a noun.

It’s an action you take when you go to the person you perceive has wronged you… and you forgive them.

But it’s also something that occurs when you gain understanding.

So try to look at situations from the other’s perspective and understand that in their own way, they’re just trying to do the best they can in life too.

Notice Your Thoughts

And when you understand that it’s your thoughts that cause your feelings, you’re truly in a position to let go.

But rather than try to change your thoughts, just notice them as they occur.

And rather than follow them down the path they want to lead you on, just let them float on by like clouds in the sky.

Embrace the Now

And when you do this, you can live with more presence and be alive in the moment.

This is where your meditation practice will benefit you, as you strengthen your attention muscle.

Now, I mentioned seeing from the other’s perspective, which I know isn’t always easy.

So have a read of this short blog I wrote if this is something that you struggle with.

I hope this all will help you let go of any baggage that might be weighing you down.