Video: Meditation Q&A – How Do I Stop My Thoughts During Meditation?

How to stop my thoughts

How to stop my thoughts

Q&A of the day: How can I stop my thoughts from racing during meditation?

In this video, Lynne lets you in on a meditation secret – just how to deal with all those thoughts while you’re meditating.

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Here’s the transcript from this video:

So if I ask you not to think about a white polar bear, what happens? Automatically, you’re going to think about that white polar bear. Ever have a friend and they have this pimple on their face? And all of the sudden you’re just staring at it, and you just can’t help yourself? Well, it’s the same with our thoughts. While we’re meditating, the object is not to get rid of them. And if I told you to, you wouldn’t be able to anyway! But really what you’re trying to do, is you’re trying to notice when you’re having them. That’s what meditation is: thought thought thought thought thought – then you notice that you’re having a thought, and then you go back to the object of your attention. And it could be your breath, or it could be sounds, or it could be parts of your body, whatever it is that you’re focusing on. But as long as you have that awareness, every time that you find yourself lost in thought, and come back to the object of your attention, you’re meditating!