Video: Meditation Q&A – I Don’t Have Enough Time to Meditate!

Not enough time to meditate? Here's how to find time for meditation.

Today’s Meditation Q&A is “I don’t have enough time to meditate! How can I find time for meditation?” This is a common problem, but no worries! Check out my answer in this short video. It’ll just take a minute.

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Here’s the transcript from this video:

So, I love this question because it comes up over and over again. And it can be really tricky at the beginning of developing a meditation practice to really find that time, to get into the habit. But once you do, it becomes second nature. So it’s really worth it for you to stick with it. And I kind of think that saying that you don’t have enough time for meditation is kind of like saying that you don’t need to fill your car up with gas, right? You expect to get somewhere, you’re not gonna jump into the car, and you’re gonna run out of gas. It’s really the same thing with your practice. So finding that ten minutes is really a question of prioritizing. What I like to do is just do it first thing in the morning. So you can just set your alarm ten minutes earlier. And then once you begin your practice, you know, you get into that habit. So you go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, you brush your teeth, and then you can sit down and start meditating. And if you really don’t have ten minutes, and honestly guys, it would be hard for me to believe that you can’t find that time. Then just do five minutes. We’ve got all kinds of meditations that are three minutes and five minutes. So you can always find that regular touch point. And you’ll start to notice, that as you become calmer and as you start to notice that it makes you feel better, chances are you’re going to probably want to make that period last longer. So good luck!

We hope this video helped you find the time to meditate!