What is the Difference between Meditation and Mindfulness?

What’s the difference in meditation and mindfulness? Many OMG users have contacted us with this question, and the short answer is: Meditation is an action, and mindfulness is a state of being. Want to know more? We’ve put together a resource page and a video for you explaining everything. Just click here to read the complete explanation, or check out the video below!

Meditation Q&A: What is meditation and what is mindfulness? What’s the difference?

In this video, Lynne gives you her definition of mindfulness and her definition of meditation.

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Here’s the transcript from this video:

So lots of people want to understand what is mindfulness and what is meditation. And so, I would explain it this way… my meditation definition is: the practice that allows you to live a more mindful life. So if you consider that, meditation would be like playing piano scales. So then my mindfulness definition is… well in this example it’s actually like the piece that you play or the concerto. Or if you play baseball for example, your batting practice would be your meditation practice and the mindfulness itself is how you play the game of life. So consider yourself, practicing every day, when you practice your meditation and you’re practicing your concentration, you’re practicing your attention, you’re practicing non-judgment… And then when you live your actual life, you have the opportunity to really fully appreciate things that much more. You sort of notice it in your day-to-day life. So, relationships become that much more vivid. You notice that you’re much more present, you’re showing up for them. You’re listening more attentively. You’re able to not things as personally. You’re able to sort of observe your behavior so that you can be a bit more constructive in how you choose to respond. And you are responding as opposed to reacting. So, that’s a mindful relationship, as opposed to simply practicing, which is what you do when you practice the meditation portion. I hope that clears it up. A video on “what is mindfulness meditation” coming soon…

We hope this video helped clarify the definition of meditation and the definition of mindfulness. 🙂 Maybe we’ll do a video about “what is mindfulness meditation” next!