Meditation Helped Keep Them Alive

Did you hear about the events in Thailand?

Twelve Thai boys and their soccer coach were recently rescued after being trapped deep inside a flooded mountain cave.

Normally a safe and favorite place for the boys, they only planned to be there for an hour…

But they would not emerge until two weeks later.

Keeping Fear Away

Surrounded by darkness, the boys and the coach lost all sense of time.

They were cold and hungry, but determined to survive.

And it just so happened their coach was a former Buddhist monk.

He taught the boys, ages 11 to 16, meditation techniques to help calm their minds while they waited to be rescued.

And it played a powerful role in keeping them alive.

Meditation Was an Ally

Leigh Weiss of Stanford University noted that meditation was an ideal response to the situation.

She stated that the practice likely lowered their cortisol levels (the stress hormone), as well as their rate of respiration in the confined environment, where air was limited.

And imagine the surprise of the British divers who found the group 10 days later.

Instead of screaming or crying and gripped by panic and fear, the group was sitting quietly in the dark, meditating.

Inspiration for Us All

This remarkable tale of survival offers inspiration for us all.

It’s unlikely you’ll be stuck in a cave any time soon, but there’s certainly all kinds of situations that can cause stress.

Keeping up with your meditation practice will help you handle them with grace when they occur.

And if one of those stressful times for you is at your workplace, check out this short blog to get some tips for de-stressing right there at your desk.