Video: Meditation Q&A – Can Meditation Improve Concentration?

meditation for focus and concentration

meditation improves concentration

Today’s Q&A: Can Meditation Improve Concentration?

In this video, Lynne explains how meditation helps to improve our focus and concentration.

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Here’s the transcript from this video:

So we’d like to know if meditation can actually improve concentration, a really great way to describe this is in the MindUp curriculum. So they say to think of your brain as a football team. So here’s your brain. And our amygdala or that ancient part of our brain, that’s responsible for our “fight or flight” reaction or our fear response, it’s really what they call the “blocker”. You know, and the blocker’s job is to keep the quarterback safe. So the quarterback can’t receive the information –  the quarterback in this case being our pre-frontal cortex – if the amygdala is active. So what happens is, we have an event. Let’s say we somehow get stressed. We’re stressed about an exam… or we’re stressed about something that makes us anxious. And our amygdala blocks the information from getting to the pre-frontal cortex. Well, then we don’t learn. And what happens when we meditate is that we actually are able to calm the amygdala, and allow the pre-frontal cortex to receive the information.And then our hippocampus acts kind of like the coach of the team, and that’s able to take in the information and store it for further use. So this whole brain functions so much better when it’s calm. And meditation helps us do that.