Life in the Fast Lane

Has modern-day life got you living a little too fast?

It tends to do that.

Try this fun quiz to see if you might need to pump the brakes a bit and smell those roses.

Question #1

If you get behind someone moving slower on a sidewalk, you:

  1. Rush past in frustration.
  2. Adjust but remain ready for the first opportunity to pass.
  3. Settle in to the new pace and relax.

Question #2

Do people tell you that you talk too quickly?

  1. OftenbutIreallyhavenoideawhattheycouldbetalkingabout.
  2. Sometimes after a strong coffee.
  3. Never.

Question #3

You’re the first to finish dinner and you’ve got your dishes in the sink while everyone else is still chewing away.

  1. Often, I’ve got things to do you see.
  2. Occasionally.
  3. Never, I like to savour my meals.

Question #4

You drive with one hand hovering over the horn in case cars don’t go the way you want them too. And you’re not afraid to use it.

  1. True story.
  2. Sometimes, but only if I’m late.
  3. Never, I’m Zen on wheels.

Question #5

Do you catch yourself saying, “Today just flew by!  I feel like I got nothing done.”

  1. I feel that way all the time.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Never say that.

Question #6

Any kind of line or queue and you start sighing loudly and shuffling your feet. Or you just outright leave.

  1. I’ve got no time for lines.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Never, I just remain calm and wait.

Question #7

Do you cut people off if they take too long to get to the point?

  1. Often. People just take too long sometimes.
  2. I’m occasionally impatient like that.
  3. Never, I’m just focusing on what they’re saying.

Question #8

“I can’t believe it is already May” is a frequent part of your vernacular.

  1. Yes, time just flies.
  2. Occasionally.
  3. Nope, never say that.

Question #9

You drive everywhere, even for short trips.

  1. People still walk?
  2. Sometimes but not always.
  3. I walk whenever I can.

Question #10

You get impatient if your messages aren’t returned immediately and you compulsively check your phone.

  1. Well why haven’t they written me back yet?
  2. Sometimes, but only for important stuff.
  3. Never.

To total your score, give yourself:

10 points for every 1

5 points for every 2

1 point for every 3

Is your score between 10 – 25?

Good news!  You’re cruising along in the slow lane. You tend not to succumb to the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, and more often than not, you’re patient, relaxed, and easy-going.

But there is a fine line. If you’re too casual, you might have a tendency to be late for appointments, or miss deadlines and other important events.

Is your score between 26 – 59?

You’re maintaining a medium pace of life. Depending on the situation, you change your speed and adjust accordingly.

If you feel like the stress still gets to you sometimes, keep on with your meditation practice and your patience and poise will continue to grow.

Is your score between 60 – 100?

Phew!  You’re zipping along firmly in the fast lane. This is where things get rushed as you try to juggle all the demands of life at once.

You might agree that you’re on the impatient side, a little too conscious of time, and tend to find relaxation to be a foreign concept.

You might be productive, but this fast-paced life can come at the expense of your health and your relationships.

Take the Reigns

If it feels like life is blowing by and leaving you with extra stress and anxiety, you could probably use a little speed reduction in your overall pace of life.

Try to look at those moments like lineups, slow traffic or jammed sidewalks as opportunities to meditate and take a breath, not just as hassles and inconveniences.

Get out and walk when you can, take in the moments as they pass, truly listen to what people are saying, and see how you feel if you turn your phone off once in awhile.

Video for You

And if you’re one of many who wonder how to make time to meditate, check out this short video I made on that very subject.