How to Train Your Brain

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before.

Your favorite song comes on and you just can’t seem to help yourself.

Your body naturally wants to move with the rhythm… and so it does.

But this goes deeper than just the urge to move.


In fact, researchers have found that heartbeats of people at dance clubs actually fall in sync with the music.

It’s a phenomenon called, ‘entrainment’.

That’s when one rhythmic system, like your heartbeat, synchronizes with another rhythm, like the bass from a sound system.

And it’s not just with music.

It’s what’s happening when fish come together in the oceans to swim in perfect synchrony.

Or when a couple’s breathing patterns match up when they are close to each other.

There’s actually many examples of entrainment all around us, and scientists have discovered you can use it to affect your well-being.

It’s all happening in the brain

You see, inside that wonderful noggin of yours is another rhythmic system, your brainwaves.

And they move at varying speeds with different effects on your mental state.

So, ‘Brainwave Entrainment’ allows you to have greater control over your brainwaves, and in turn, greater control over yourself.

How does it work?

Special pulsations embedded into music or nature sounds gently helps your brain reach calmer states that it may have trouble reaching because of too much thinking, emotion or stimulation.

Effects vary, so don’t expect to miraculously meditate like a Himalayan monk or fall asleep instantly, but I encourage you to try it a few times and see if it helps. 🙂

And speaking of brains, are you smarter than a goldfish?