3 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

3 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Your heart is beating through your chest.

You’ve got that nauseous feeling and your mind is racing.

Fears of being judged are bouncing around your head, and the words just don’t come out right … if at all.

We’ve all been there. And for some, it’s worse and more frequent.

Social anxiety.

3 Solutions to Overcome Social Anxiety!

Too often, the advice for social anxiety is to “just get over it”.

But it’s not a choice to be anxious, so that doesn’t help very much.

So what can you do to take the power back?

Here are three solutions to help you look forward to your interactions instead of cancelling them.

Label Your Feelings

Fear and anxiety live in the mind, so that’s where we have to start…

by observing your thoughts and feelings.

Then give them a name.

This simple act of labeling, like, “I’m feeling anxious”, will help you create space between you and your thoughts.

Because you’re not your thoughts, you have thoughts.

And in this space, you can choose not to identify with them.

Imagine the Worst

Hear me out on this one.

The idea is to look at your fear and imagine the worst-case scenario.

And then accept it.

When you do this, and tell yourself that you can handle it, it takes the sting out of it all.

And you’ve probably lived through more embarrassing experiences in your life already. 🙂

Reframe Your Fears

What you believe about a situation affects how you feel about it.

If you believe a social interaction is scary, you’re naturally going to feel anxious.

So we change our beliefs.

Instead of seeing a threat, identify the situation as a ‘challenge’.

It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s profoundly powerful in its effect on your mindset.

Try them all together

I truly hope these solutions can help you take control of your anxiety and you can take control over your life.

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